Happy Birthday Mother Earth

Do you really want to see global destruction, as at the big event? Happy Birthday Mother Earth, or dance macabre performed by Tomek Albin and Zuza Słomińska, is an adventure that brings to mind the death and rebirth. Two ideas nurtured for centuries in every culture. Disturbing exhibit inspires reflection, is the whole world sank already in consumerism? Does a man soon tempted by even the smallest fragment earth and nature? Artists show the effects of a collision with another world, the nature of civilization. Through allegory of death observed greedy exploitation of the earth by mankind. Destruction which leaves it, without thinking behind his back. This time, the birthday of Mother Earth's stop for a while, to see which way we'll follow. photo & retouch: Tomek Albin set design: Zuza Slominska art direction: Zuza Slominska The whole project was made on analog camera 4/5 on negatives Each photo from this series is available in edition of 3 collector prints in two different sizes. 150/120cm 100/80cm To buy this work please contact: info@tomekalbin.com

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