Zywiec Bock- campaign

I'm very glad to present you this special shoot on the occasion of 155 anniversary of the brewery in Zywiec. Special occasions require a unique fitting, therefore, residents of the largest Polish cities, can make a toast together with characters placed on a unique project on a European scale 3D lenticular printing. It is all about the light. The 19th-century-styled photos were taken with a very soft atelier light while for the modern ones we had a strong contrast with contra lights and strong colors to reflect the light from the surface of the dark beer at the center. photo: Tomek Albin ad.agency: PZL client: ŻYWIEC GROUP stylist: Sławek Blaszewski costumes: Dorothee Roqueplo hair & make-up: Liliana Gałązka retouching: www.holubowicz.com

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