Concept & Art Direction: Tomek Albin & Jagody Studio
Photo & Retouch: Tomek Albin 
Set Design & Food Styling: Jagody Studio 

The way we perceive, desire, and experience food are complicated. It can be tasty, sensual but also repulsive. We live in times of incredibly fast development, in the world of consumerism, overloaded with information from mass media, we hide our true desires, dreams, and needs. 

Talk Dirty To Me is a project about celebration, shame, sexuality, and fetishes. A series of photographs tell a story that each of us experiences while feeling pleasure while eating. Here, however, through an allegory of something sensual and beautiful, we raise the subject deeply rooted in our culture, revealing a severe problem of shame and body worship. In the era of the ubiquitous Internet and fashion for digital exhibitionism, we display annihilated images designed to draw the viewer's attention to the problems of modern society. 

We are ashamed of what we want.

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